Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys ...

Justin's brother Caleb flew in on Wednesday to spend the week with us. Let's just say Caleb is a "mini-me" of Justin. They could pass as twins! They talk, walk, laugh, and act the same. I've sure had my hands full! Here are a few pictures of the boys doing boy things. Video games (Justin must be concentrating: his tongue is always sticking out when he concentrates); a drive through the canyon (which as you can see, quickly became a BAREFOOT hike for the boys); and a not-so-vacation job helping my mom take down Christmas lights and clean out gutters on her house (notice Justin is again barefoot). More to come tomorrow! We have plans to go back up the canyon and to Lagoon and then Monday is the BIG DAY!!

1 comment:

  1. This is so typical of justin sticking out his tongue he has always done that his whole life. It looks like the boys are enjoying each other and wish I could have been there. I am excited for you two and can't waitto eventually meet you and welcome you to family. I Love you both